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Quick Guide: Plane tracker

  • 1st Option: Click on the magnifying glass -> Enter a valid flight number and select the displayed aircraft => Now you are tracking the flight directly
  • 2nd Possibility: Click on the magnifying glass -> Enter a city with airport, e.g. London or Manchester and click the aiport from the list -> The flight radar will show you all flights related to the airport

Video: Quick quide for tracking a plane

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For better performance in the U.K., you can use this plane tracker site.


Plane tracker on

With the plane tracker on, you are always Live. Do not miss the start and landing of family members, friends or business partners. With the plane tracker from Flightradar24, you have always made the right choice when it comes to flight tracking. To be able to pursue flights, you need nothing more than a solid online aircraft radar. Furthermore you should know that you can follow our page not only from the desktop flights, but also with your smartphone or tablet the radar can be used. In other words you do not need a Flightradar24 app or similar. Save the space and enjoy the view!

Live – With the plane tracker in real time

The plane tracker is always up-to-date and insensitive to interference. When there was not yet an online flight radar, everyone had already felt the uncomfortable feeling and the constant brooding when family members or friends with the plane started. At any rate these times are over! Because with the live plane tracker, you have almost gone on board and can accompany your loved ones whenever you want.

What is a radar?Plane finder radar

Radar means “radio detection and ranging“. Which means radio detection and radio distance measurement. This includes the principle that radio waves are reflected by metallic objects.

Today’s aircraft radar, also referred to simply as a radar, is based on air traffic control. This also includes the flight information service. The departments are responsible for the information provided. Basically, a flightable and collision-free airspace is to be created by the radar and the information provided.

Today’s plane tracker is not to be thought away. On the other hand, it was still completely uninteresting at the beginning of the nineteenth century. According to the current era, monitoring is indispensable for aviation traffic.

What is so special about an online plane checker?

Aircraft have always impressed people. The flight tracking via a plane tracker not only offers the family a surplus value. Because even hobby photographers can get secure information here, in order not to miss the perfect moment. Furthermore you can reach the service everywhere. All you need is an Internet-enabled device and an internet connection. The plane checker available on our site gives you all data in real time and is of course free of charge for you!

You can not find the flight or it has disappeared?

Do not worry! Sometimes an aircraft disappears from the aircraft radar and is temporarily not displayed. This is most likely because the aircraft is currently flying in an area where there are no ADS-B receivers feeding the position data into the network from the aircraft radar. Often you can observe this problem on the oceans, sometimes on land. Especially in the direction of North Korea, the grid expansion is not too far. In general, however, the network of ADS-B receivers is very well developed. As an example, on the oceans a waveguide is used which is powered by solar and wave energy to send data to the aircraft radar. Sometimes technical failures can not be avoided, so a volcanic eruption, as you can imagine, has a major impact on air traffic. Some aircraft, especially older aircraft models, often also have no ADS-B transmitter and are then also not displayed.

Therefore, first be patient and look a little later again in the aircraft radar.

Plane in the air at midnight

Plane Tracker
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